Resurrection of The Dead Bodies


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There should be a certain limitation to the optimistic outlook also. The human being, who can't prevent death, is dying. Is it the knowledge of the human being, who preserves the corpse with the blend of various chemicals for several thousands of years with a hope to make it rejuvenated....? Or human ignorance...?

It is being stated that the corpse shall be preserved to be reanimated after the required medication is invented. Isn't it..?Medicine was invented to cure several many corpses did the human being make reanimated after the required medication had been invented...?Is it enough to live if there is a human frame with flesh and blood...?Is there no more need for anything else...

If this incredible thing, that proves the ignorance and the deception of the scientific world and the supreme sovereignty of God over the human lives, is heard from the Holy Bible,it brings into light what should be preserved indeed.

Come on let's listen to it.

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