Does Science Succeed in the Human Genome Project? No,Says Bible


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The scientific intellectuals, who are bragging that they would expand the span of the human life up to 1200 years through an initiated research project named Human Genome thirty years ago by declaring that the period of time of God is over, are missing now. They announced that it would be possible for the instant expansion of the span of the human life over the surface of the earth through the prevention of the diseases which are associated with genetic. When God revealed that the life span of the man on the surface of the earth is just like water vapour, the bio-scientists threw an open challenge in contrary to the word of God that they could make it cross the span of a thousand years by rewriting the code of the human genome. But, there is no any evidence of trace for the expansion of an year at least till now.

Do you know the recent enhancement....? It has been reported that the span of an year was deducted from the absolute span of the human life over the surface of the earth due to the effect of the pandemic virus covid-19...!!!.The human genome project,which had been initiated exuberant with the expense of billions of Dollars, was collapsed to the earth by the mightiest jerk of God's project.

Come on, let's listen to God's word which could uprooted the fangs of the scientific world.

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