40: Easy Money is Rarely Easy: Jessica Liao on Infrastructure Financing and Export Credit Agencies


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China is not the only player in the infrastructure investment game. So how does China's rising engagement under the Belt and Road intersect with investments of other countries? Jessica Liao shares multiple examples in which China's engagement in infrastructure investments, as well as in other areas of export investment management (e.g. export credit agencies), provoke competition with and sometimes the weakening of standards among other investor countries.
Read the following articles by Jessica:
1) Panda Paw article "Easy Money and Political Opportunism: How China and Japan's High-Speed Rail Competition in Indonesia drives financially risky projects"
2) "Geoeconomics, easy money, and political opportunism: the Perils under China and Japan's high-Speed rail competition." (2020) by Jessica Liao & Saori Katada. Contemporary Politics
3) "The Club-based Climate Regime and OECD Negotiations on Restricting Coal-fired Power Export Finance" (2020) by Jessica Liao. Global Policy.
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~Special thanks to Maggie Gaus, who joined the Belt and Road Pod team in Dec 2020 and edited this episode~

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