Zachary Kelman: Bitcoin an Alternative to the Current Unfair Financial System


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Zachary Kelman is a New York-based attorney specializing in political, legal, and regulatory issues in and around Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain technology. Prior to this he was working in banking, monitoring international money transactions, looking for suspicious activities. Coming out of this environment he was introduced to Bitcoin by his brother Daniel Kelman, who was the architect of the civil rehabilitation plan for Mt. Gox creditors and Zachary afterwards left banking for crypto projects in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.


  • The correspondent banking system
  • How all worldwide transactions are monitored
  • The history of the US centered global financial system
  • What happened in 1971
  • The consequences for “high-risk” countries and their citizens
  • Patriot Act and money laundering
  • How different countries try to regulate Bitcoin
  • A worldwide ban of Bitcoin
  • Iran, China and Venezuela mining Bitcoin
  • His personal privacy tactics
  • Lawyers and their cryptocurrency understanding
  • Change will come


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