292: My Favorite Training Splits, Recognizing Junk Volume, and How to Blend Bodybuilding and Powerlifting


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In this episode, I answer seven listener questions.

Questions on the show:

  1. What are your favorite training splits for building muscle?
  2. How often do you program touch and go reps on the bench press for your powerlifting clients?
  3. I have heard you talk about the concept of “junk volume” on the podcast before, but how does someone know if the amount of volume they are doing is junk volume?
  4. In general, how long should you rest between sets?
  5. Realistically, how frequently should you be hitting new PRs?
  6. What do you say to a client who had a bad training session or a bad meet day performance?
  7. If someone wants to compete in bodybuilding/physique and powerlifting, how do you recommend doing that from a scheduling standpoint?

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