S2 Ep87: That's So Cincinnati: The fun life of Pam Kravetz — Bearcats mascot, synchronized swimmer, artist and 'Love Queen'


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Pam Kravetz is fun, effervescent, vivacious. Take your pick of how to describe the Cincinnati artist and suburban high school art teacher. They all fit.
She's so fun, in fact, that her family and friends held a parade in Over-the-Rhine for her 60th birthday last weekend. A few hundred people, including a who's who from the local arts and entertainment scene, converged on Washington Park wearing colorful outfits and hats to honor a woman who regularly wears go-go boots, tutus and sequins.
How did Kravetz go from an artsy outcast as a kid to being the life of the party and influencer on the local arts and entertainment scene?
The Cincinnati native told her story on The Enquirer's "That's So Cincinnati" podcast this week.
"When I was little, I was that kid who never fit in," Kravetz said. "Even in kindergarten – this was the '60s – I got sent to the principal's office for wearing go-go boots and a mini-skirt."
Kravetz credits her elementary and high school teachers for encouraging her to embrace her passion for art. It ended up inspiring her to pursue her own career as an art teacher. She is retiring this week as Harrison High School's art teacher after a 30-year career.
Her experiences at the University of Cincinnati helped Kravetz to begin to accept that being different is OK.
Said Kravetz: "I was an art kid, so we wore all black. We were kind of angsty and cool. And then I was a sorority girl. I was also the Bearcat mascot. I was all of these weird parts of a human that didn't quite fit together. But all of that speaks to the person I've become because now I'm super comfortable talking in front of people and being the center of attention."
Kravetz's life has continued to be full of unique opportunities. The Enquirer once featured her and her art work, and that led to her getting a date with the man who's now her husband. Her friends nicknamed her the "Queen of Love" for how she met her husband, Craig Davis.

In addition to being heavily involved in the arts scene, Kravetz has also been on a synchronized swimming team for several years at Ziegler Park in Over-the-Rhine.
Her advice for those who might be struggling to embrace their passion, talent and personality.
"Loving yourself is huge," Kravetz said.

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