Episode 34, ACT 2: Daniel Levy - Reflection, Connection, and Resonance


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What's in the empty space between the lines? That's just one very meta-question that is asked in the continued conversation between Courtney and artist-educator Daniel Levy, author of the book, "A Teaching Artist's Companion." Their discussion becomes less of a linear journey from child to grown-up artist, and more of an exercise in examining one's adolescence and the foundations that, despite what one might be trying to build for themself at a very young age, are laid for them, leaving very little room for personal exploration and growth. And how does one find their individuality, their creativity, under those circumstances? One emerging theme from Courtney and Daniel's conversation is finding a love of the art form of music and harnessing the power of that art form in order to propel their artistry, fueling their creative journey and helping them identify the space between the lines and become the arts educators they are today.

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