Episode 33, ACT 2: Ted Sod - Introspective Dramaturgy


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Race, racism, prejudice and privilege. These are all issues that, on a global scale, seem to be digging furiously upward through layers of historical ignorance and dissension, and into all aspects of our collective discourse. These are also all themes in our brand new two-part series, featuring dramaturg, writer, actor, director and teaching artist Ted Sod. In moments of darkness, of aloneness, of internal and external conflict, one thing matters most: access to the arts. But, how does a person find the arts or become an artist in the absence of culture? How can a gay man find purpose, love and light in a world that holds so much against him? How does an artist of Lebanese descent find his true artistic self in a country built upon a foundation of prejudice demanding he conform to societal norms in order to be successful? These questions, and oh so much more, drive the electric and witty conversation between Courtney and Ted Sod. Please enjoy the conclusion of their conversation.

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