Episode 30, ACT 1: Dale Davis - Artist. Educator. Champion.


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Episode 30, Act 1: Dale Davis “Artist. Educator. Champion.” begins with a chat between Courtney and a plethora of her friends and colleagues in the arts world to chat about what they've been up to since the COVID-19 pandemic began. She asks questions like: How do you identify as an artist? What kind of art are you making right now? What innovative shifts are you seeing in the arts world? Listen to hear, through multiple perspectives, just how this pandemic has inspired folks to #KeepMakingArt.* Courtney then sits down for a charming chat with writer, educator, publisher, scholar, producer and dramaturg, Dale Davis. In this chat, one bold essential question is pervasive: What is the power of the arts, and what can it do for humanity? In this interview, Dale talks about her passion for literary work, how the arts have had the most impact on her, and how artists like Lorraine Hansberry, Kurt Cobain and Tupac Shakur have had a profound effect on her work and her understanding of youth culture. Pop those earbuds in and give this episode a listen! *For full episodes of #KeepMakingArt watch and subscribe to the Teaching Artistry YouTube Channel

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