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Sid goes oil in with Geis & Martin

Veröffentlicht am 10. Juni 2021 0:00
Laufzeit: 1 Stunde und 18 Minuten

In this special english episode we start a new series of artist interviews. We talk to the great people that bring the world of Magic to life. And we start things of with one of our favorite artists: Sidharth Chartuvedi. Sid may be best known for his recent paintings of "Hullbreacher" and "Mox Pearl" but he also did some awesome work in the past years. We talk about how he got into working for Wizards, how he creates his lively and masterfully lit scenes and why he prefers oil paintings over digital brushes. And stay tuned throughout the episode to learn how you can win a very special piece of Sid's art. We hope you enjoy this experiment – we did this show in English (and will continue to do so in other artist interviews) to make our guest(s) feel at home. The next regular show will be in German again.

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1. Welcome (00:00:00)

2. Interview with Sidharth Chaturvedi (00:03:13)

3. - Hullbreacher: Entering the game (00:05:24)

4. - Pouncing Lynx: Setting events in motion (00:11:44)

5. - Long Road Home: Traveling between the planes (00:25:52)

6. -- Visiting Kaladesh (00:35:08)

7. - Knight of Grace / Knight of Malice: Lighting up the art (00:43:09)

8. - Disrupt Decorum: Going oil in (00:59:13)

9. Dessert (01:13:46)

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