#38: Overcoming the challenges young girls and women face through creating positivity and self-love - I Define Me Movement Founder: Tracie Berry-McGhee


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It's an important conversation about a solution helping young girls and women struggling with mental health in this episode of the Talkin' Solutions Podcast.

I'm sitting down with Tracie Berry-McGhee, the founder of the I Define Me Movement, and how her non-profit is helping to empower young girls and women to help them with their confidence and mental health. It's an important conversation and solution to help the growing issue with mental health among young girls in not just the U.S but the world as a whole.

In this episode we discuss:

👉 The importance of helping young girls and women from a prevention and awareness perspective in place of more common temporary solutions

👉 The progress of the I Define Me Movement and where you can find it worldwide

👉 How the movement provides a safe space and empowers young girls to have self-love, self-awareness, and self-expression

👉 Tips and actions girls and young women can take to help overcome feelings of anxiety and depression

👉 How you can contribute to the non-profit today or create your own I Define Me Movement chapter.

Check out the I Define Me Movement and how you can donate and support their mission to help young girls at a global scale today.

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