#37: Empowering smallholder farmers in Africa to earn more money, grow more food, move out of poverty and improve their educational opportunities - One Acre Fund Managing Director: Matthew Forti


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We're moving to the continent of Africa in this episode of the Talkin' Solutions Podcast as I sit down with the Managing Director of One Acre Fund Matthew Forti to discuss how they are empowering over 1 million Smallholder Farmers with resources and education to create higher yields, earn more money for their families, grow their communities, and investing in their children's education.

One Acre Fund is a non-profit social enterprise that envisions a world where all farmers have big harvests, healthy families, and rich soil. In addition, they focus on adapting to the impacts of climate change on the continent in order to create more sustainable farming practices and diversifying crops.

In this episode we discuss:

👉 The importance of agriculture and farming to the livelihood of millions of Africans

👉 How One Acre Fund supports smallholder farmers through education and resources

👉 Understanding the benefits of large yields and how that directly impacts a local farmer's family, community and access to education

👉 How climate change is challenging farmers as they work to create quality yields

👉 Ways One Acre Fund measures their impact and their plan to improve the over 1 million farmers they've helped today.

Check out One Acre Fund and how you can donate and support their mission on lifting up farmers, mostly women, in Africa to create thriving communities, lift people out of poverty, and generate more educational opportunities through climate friendly farming practices.

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