#34: Sharing my real-time story about the challenges of building a sustainable business plus tips and tricks - Host and CheshTech Founder: William Cheshier


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This episode is with... me! Will Cheshier the host of the podcast. I'm sharing my real-time story and progress about the challenges of building a sustainable business in this episode of the Talkin' Solutions podcast.

As a solo founder, it's always a challenge to balance all of the tasks and responsibilities you have but I've been making it a priority to improve and implement more sustainable practices within my Product and Web Development consulting and services company CheshTech.

In this episode I discuss:

👉 What being a sustainable business means to me

👉 The importance of focusing on improvement and not feeling like a failure if you're not 100% sustainable

👉 Tips and strategies I've been implementing into my company

👉 How your company culture plays a big role in long term sustainability

👉 Tips and ideas for you to create a more green digital product through your website and apps

You can learn more by following CheshTech and Talkin' Solutions on IG and host William Cheshier on LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.

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