#32: Freeing up more time to spend with people you care about through a booking system to find assistants for you - TULA Founder: Megan Trask


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Time is the topic of the 32nd episode of the Talkin' Solutions Podcast as we discuss the importance of time and how TULA is creating a simplified and easy to use platform for Mothers and caregivers to use to book assistants to help with daily tasks.

TULA Founder Megan Trask shares her own personal experiences about being a Mother with a career and finding it hard to spend as much time on things that matter.

In this episode we discuss:

👉 How TULA makes it easy to find reliable and vetted assistants to help you with daily tasks, errands, chores, and cooking to free up more time to spend with your family or on things you care most about

👉 Embracing Mothers and caregivers to ask for help and erase the stigma that they have to do everything

👉 How TULA works and the vetting process to ensure you're working with people you can trust

👉 Understanding the importance of time and how freeing yourself from these extra tasks can open more time to focus on the things that matter

👉 Supporting the local economy and community by partnering with local businesses and creating jobs

Check out TULA and how you can utilize their app via their website

You can learn more by following CheshTech and Talkin' Solutions on IG and host William Cheshier on LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.

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