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This week on the show our resident wildlife biologist (Jeff) talks about cloning a black-footed ferret and what that means for the future of conservation. The black-footed ferret was thought to be extinct from the wild until a small remaining population was discovered. Scientists were then able to clone a female black-footed ferret using frozen DNA samples in order to add genetic diversity to the remaining population. This potentially can lead to a whole new area and focus in the world of conservation as they would be able to bring animals back from extinction with science. We also spent some time discussing if we thought it would be a good idea to bring extinct animals back onto the landscapes. The age old saying of "just because we can..doesn't necessarily mean we should" applies very well to this topic as many species are extinct because the current landscape is not able to support them any longer or at least not in the capacity that it once did. We also discuss some other species that are currently extinct from our region of the US and what we would like to see done with this species in the future.

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