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Some years are just better than others, and this year for Oklahoma native Ty Batie was one of those years. On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles we talk to Ty about his 2020 archery season where he tagged out on two giant whitetails and a big South Dakota mule deer. Most of the episode is dedicated to his two year quest chasing a large buck that lived on the same property he recently moved a house on to. The guys discuss the entire process of locating this bucks core area, setting up trail cameras, and figuring out his travel routine. And like most deer, there was a period of time where Ty thought this buck had been shot as he disappeared for a period of time before he located him once again. He then finishes putting the pieces of the puzzle together and get the encounter he had been waiting for.

He also share the story of an incredible spot and stalk mule deer hunt in the middle of a crop pivot using a decoy that was mounted to his bow. And... yet another whitetail hunt. Enjoy and share!

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