61. The Spirit of Tea, Ceremony and Deeper Connection with Yourself with Special Guest LiYing Lim


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LiYing shares her passion for ancient wisdom and the spirit of tea. She shares her story of overcoming an eating disorder and how tea spirit called her to step into the work she is doing now. We talk about cultural and societal expectations on women to be a certain way when all they want to do is be themselves!

More about LiYing: She helps creative feminine leaders to turn up their light, activate their dreams, and live ON PURPOSE in their AUTHENTIC POWER, so they become fully aligned with their unstoppable vision, abundance, and freedom. She holds Tea Ceremonies across the world, online and in-person, her alchemical healing work has served many women in a lush transformative space that give voice to Tea leaves that are steeped in what is known in Daoist Chinese Medicine Di Dao (The Way of the Land), from trees of hundreds and thousands of years old, hailing from their own ancestral and spiritual lands.⁣

LiYing's website: https://www.whenstillwatersspeak.com

Natali's website: https://natalibrown.com/

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