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| PIK-FEIN present... POD. No.# 220- ♤ - TECHNICAL SHOT @ SONDERSPUR - FRANKFURT -♠♤♠ ⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯♠♤⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ - ARTIST INFOs- - Technical SHOT - ....Real name: Yegor Rumyantsev Techno DJ-producer and artist of Technical Shot in the genre of Hard, Acid, Underground, Industrial. "Technical Shot" is a real name Yegor, was born in the Crimea, and during his school years he lived in Siberia. He grew up in a creative family, his father is an artist, and his mother is a musician. He had been gravitating toward electronic music since his childhood, but he had no opportunity to realize his thoughts because he had the opportunity to study the structure of electronic music and instruments for its synthesis. Now it is time for him to show his possibilities and his thoughts. He says: Rehearsals are over, now I understand what attention should be paid to each track and what processing and mastering should be used at the last stages of track creation. At the moment I am preparing two releases that will be released in early 2021. All tracks will be at least 155 bpm. Since it is this rhythm with industrial sound that feeds my life. In sets I don't bind myself to rules, I often experiment with mixing of 3-4 tracks. I don't like to just stand around DJ hardware, I like to be constantly at work and fully immersed in music. I have absolutely no respect for those who play a prepared set and just dance. It's time to throw such DJs in the dump! Since they are not musicians, but simple fraudsters. Den TECHNO anständig midde ins Gesicht ....zum GENIEßEN !!! -BOOKING & MORE - ----------------------------…029768?at=1l3vwYf DANKE DIR VIELMALs mein LIEBER... für dieses STÜCK GEBALLER... WAHNSINNS Set !!! ...PASST SITZT & QUIETSCHT genau das richtige auf der SONDERSPUR !!! !!! ...LET THE GEBALLER ENTERTAIN YOUUUUUUU... !!!

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