JAPAU @ SONDERSPUR | POD.#207 - FRANKFURT | 19.07.2020


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POD.#207 - ♤ - PIK-FEIN presents... - JAPAU @ SONDERSPUR - FRANKFURT -♠♤♠ ⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯♠♤⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ARTIST ...INFOs... - JAPAU - 『 THE EPITӨME ӨF DΛRKNESS 』 ↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭ ❌ @paradoxon030【 bit.ly/37MPnJo 】❌ ❌ @neweraofdd【 bit.ly/3fJJmzT 】❌ ↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭ For Bookings: Paradoxon030@gmx.de digital.destruction.2019@gmail.com ↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭ Let yourself be carried away by the dark, industrial techno of the 27-year-old Berliner Japau. His track record was consolidated relatively early on when he accidentally ended up at a dark party at Berlin's "Arena Club" in 2013. Since then, techno has been an integral part of his life and he can't imagine life without it. His style is characterized by driving, pushing basses and hard kicks in industrial sound. You can expect an audiophile listening pleasure in the dB limit range! ↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭ Podcasts: ► Acidscrapers Podcast bit.ly/3apj5om ► Presstechno Podcast bit.ly/33OlciU ► Beastmode Podcast bit.ly/2QODyv6 ► Spontan Podcast bit.ly/3bpcCtA ► M.E.K.S Podcast bit.ly/33O9vc2 ► Banging Techno Sets Podcast bit.ly/3aoZdSk ► Destrukt Sound Records. Podcast bit.ly/33RwQKb ► Kraftwerk Beats Podcast bit.ly/2JHJou1 ► Digital Destruction Podcast bit.ly/2JDhI9R

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