HEFTY @ SONDERSPUR | POD. #223 - FRANKFURT a.M. | 06.03.2021


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| PIK-FEIN present... POD. No.# 223 ♤ - HEFTY @ SONDERSPUR - FRANKFURT -♠♤♠ ⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯♠♤⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ - ARTIST INFOs- HEFTY Purveyor of the darkest techno, minimal and psychedelia. Booking Info - nielson@ragnarok-berlin.io From a serial killers basement, somewhere in London UK, Hefty has pioneered the darkside since 2010. Undoubtedly the preeminent master of darker sounds, skillfully preparing you for the impending apocalypse with his unique style. His music is heavily influenced by a wide range of subjects including geo politics, psychology, world affairs, conspiracy theories, the occult and modern history. It's small wonder Hefty has enjoyed the attention of well respected labels, and most importantly, has earned the loyalty and dedication of fans who have been known to travel for hours just to watch him spin. Famed for his raw, heavy uncompromising dark techno sets, this London based DJ has been in international demand over the past few years, conquering crowds all across Germany (including Tresor + Magdalena Berlin), France, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Holland, UK, and even as far as Brazil, Canada and Australia. After over 2 years of this growing support from his friends, peers and fans, Hefty was inspired to create his own label: Darker Sounds. Focused solely on showcasing underground dark techno and minimal, Darker Sounds never compromises its dedication to keeping the style and quality consistently high. Unafraid to constantly refine and evolve his style, Hefty has since ventured into the world of psychedelic trance. Carving out his own path, he has used his Techno production techniques to create his own style of dark, driving psychedelic trance. In May 2016 he created his own psychedelic label "Erebos Records" - a platform for releasing the darkest psy trance from the best undiscovered artists from around the world. This psychedelic adventure then lead Hefty to start producing his own version of downtempo / chillout music, which he calls Dark Tek. Produced at 100bpm, this style is dark, heavy and hypnotic. It allows Hefty to truly experiment with the dancefloor and bring awareness to the various dark subjects that inspire his music. Now armed with a trifecta of genres, Hefty is on track to further cement his reputation as an unstoppable force in the realm of dark techno, minimal and psychedelia. Heftys music can be found on all the usual sites - Instagram - www.instagram.com/heftytechno/ Spotify - tinyurl.com/heftyspotify Soundcloud - @hefty Twitter - twitter.com/Heftytechno Facebook - www.facebook.com/heftytechno Bandcamp - heftydarkersounds.bandcamp.com Beatport - www.beatport.com/artist/hefty/58715 YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/heftytechno Mixcloud - www.mixcloud.com/hefty Hearthis.at - hearthis.at/hefty/ Darker Sounds Sample Packs - darkersoundssamplepacks.bandcamp.com/ Booking Info - nielson@ragnarok-berlin.io Contact - Heftytechno@gmail.com DANKE DIR VIELMALs mein LIEBER... für dieses STÜCK GEBALLER... WAHNSINNS Set !!! ...PASST SITZT & QUIETSCHT genau das richtige auf der SONDERSPUR !!!

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