Sex, Addiction and the Missing Peace: As Intimacy Increases, You'll Find the Missing Pieces...


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Sex, Addiction, and the Missing Peace: As Intimacy Increases, You'll Find the Missing Pieces... Using a TED Talks style (18 minutes or less), this podcast invites you to explore some of the most challenging dynamics about sex, addiction, and intimacy. Yes, many of those topics we don't talk about or don't know how to talk about (very well). We'll be diving into evidence-based research and we'll decipher it to help you understand it in everyday, easy-to-grasp language. You’ll also be invited to hear about the latest books written about sex, addiction, and intimacy, just to see what the "experts" say. There will special guests and we'll be reviewing other resources, all to help you expand your knowledge, feel more competent, and create a higher quality of understanding around these often "taboo" and too frequently misunderstood topics of sex, addiction, and intimacy. Join Ken Donaldson, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Board Certified Addiction Professional, and Clinical Sexologist as he'll guide you to real-life solutions. The goal of the Sex, Addiction, and The Missing Peace podcast is to help you to be happier and healthier, and to live with more relational harmony. Ken will engage in some heavy, deep, and sometimes controversial (but always fun) conversations with a number of guests who are specialists in these areas. We welcome your questions, challenges, and ideas on how we can all "find the missing pieces to help find the missing peace."

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