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Hey Buddy, Nice Podcast! is hosted by Brogan Hastings and Wayne Giovanazzi. Two peeps that became fast friends after meeting for the first time in the flesh and spending no more than a week and a half together in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brogan is from Scotland and Wayne is from Australia, meaning this could be one of the largest (if only by distance) podcasts around! It might also mean listeners have no damn clue what they're saying because, you know, funny accents.

Join them as they talk about a whole bunch of stuff like art, webcomics, making friends, adventures, other podcasts... WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY'LL TALK ABOUT!

About Wayne

Wayne has a real job that he tries to ignore for other, more creative pursuits. If anything, he'd like to call himself a webcomic artist. Along with his own series' Not So Good At This and Sad Pirate he also draws the official Piff the Magic Dragon webcomic for Las Vegas magician, Piff The Magic Dragon.

About Brogan

Brogan started drawing things on a dare at the start of 2021, and just never stopped. Moving from daft doodles, to animatics for ‘Matt and Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social’, to the postcard art for Patrons of ‘Penn’s Sunday School’. They have a job, but no pronouns. Do not cry for them.

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