Using Design In Podcasting With Kush Khandelwal! #3


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In this episode, I'm excited to have a good conversation with Kush Khandelwal! Kush is Co-Founder and Head of Marketing and Design at Renegade Radio. His experiences in designing and creating within various industries like Fashion, Tech, F&B, and even Blockchain had led him to where he is now, working on all parts of the creative spectrum. We're talking sound design, video, photography and graphics design. I wanted to have a quick chat with him about proper design practices in podcasting. Maybe there are certain trends that are doing really well right now, and maybe there are certain colour schemes that are not working. But, it's best to ask from Kush and tap into his knowledge, thought processes and how he tackles this. We talk about:Designing trends in the podcasting sceneKush's history and involvement in podcastingWhat inspires him, his thought processes when designing podcast art, etc.How to start designing for podcasts as a budding creativeLet's get right into it!"Because if we don't offend anyone, we're really not creating for anyone." Amber RaeKush's LinksPortfoliosWeb Portfolio ( PDF Portfolio ( CV Link ( VideosPetra Culture Presents Modern and Classic ( Sofearose Case Study ( Social MediaBehance ( @wondrworks: ( Daily graphic design on Instagram@kushhkushh: ( Photography on InstagramPinterest ( LinkedIn ( Podcast Mentions Joe Rogan Podcast ( Reply All ( Last Podcast on the Left ( The Groundup Show ( Matt D'Avella ( Design Mentions Pinterest ( Dribble ( Behance ( ( Support this podcast

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