Splice Media's Alan Soon Talks About Asia's Media Transformation, Splice Beta 2020, And Asian Podcasting Trends


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(https://www.notion.so/thatsthenorm/splicebeta.com) In this episode, we talk with Alan Soon of Splice Media!Alan started Splice to help drive and cover the transformation of media in Asia. Coming from 2 decades of experience in media and journalism, he is quite the powerhouse when it comes to this amazing journey. With the upcoming Splice Beta 2020, he's bringing niche media startups from all parts of Asia to showcase and celebrate them! (Also includes a podcasting track!)We talk about:Splice's Mission: covering the transformation of mediaPodcasting influences and trends in AsiaAlan's beliefs & valuesThe birth of micro-communities, niche media teams, and why he doesn't follow Elon Musk(!)(https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/podlovers-asia-asian-podcastin-968059) Timestamps:[3:33] Preparing for Splice Beta[6:17] How podcasting is greenfield in Asia as observed by Alan[9:09] Why Beta was made to highlight new media startups[13:09] People don't wear uniforms and badges at Beta, everyone is equal[20:22] The rise of micro-communities and fragmentation of the media audience[21:45] Why it's hard for large newsrooms to adhere to niche communities[24:13] The one thing Alan learned about himself growing Splice[27:09] How Splice evolved from a simple newsletter to a company[29:57] Where the pink came from![31:33] Splice's primary goal, a prototype fund, and the Splice community[37:32] What Alan would like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene?The one struggle we had at (Yahoo) was that we were so big at the time, that every single thing we tried to do needed to move the needle, right? And if it doesn't make a 1% difference, or a 5% difference in your KPIs, then you end up not doing it at all.Timing to market is the most illusive factor. The ability that you have to just learn helps you stay alive.Some Links: Alan's Twitter (https://twitter.com/alansoon) Rishad's Twitter (https://twitter.com/rishadist) Splice Media's Website (https://www.splicemedia.com/) Splice Media's Twitter (https://twitter.com/splicenewsroom) New Naratif's Podcast (https://newnaratif.com/podcast/) Castbox (https://castbox.fm/) Puma Podcast (http://pumapodcast.com/) (https://www.notion.so/thatsthenorm/splicebeta.com) Support this podcast

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