SG Explained's Rovik Robert talks Singapore's Podcasting Scene


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Kicking off Season 3, we are talking with Rovik Robert, Co-Host of SG Explained!

SG Explained explores and takes a deep dive into all things Singapore-related: from policies to racism and history of Singapore to lighter subjects like chicken rice (one of my favorite foods!).

Since Rovik has been doing this for a couple of years now, I reached out to him to see his thoughts on starting this show and navigating through multiple topics of different levels of sensitivity in a multicultural context. Plus (of course), his observations on the Singaporean podcasting scene.

We talked about:

  • Rovik's podcast origin story and starting up SG Explained
  • His workflow and choosing the right topics and making sure, to get the most out of each opportunity in trending topics like racism, especially in Singapore
  • The art of conversation, and the three types of conversations you can have
  • How Rovik cooperates with his cohosts well, even if they have different opinions
  • The other podcasts he's working on, including one internal within a corporate environment


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