Saigoneer's Mike Tatarski covers Vietnamese culture, content curation and the Vietnamese podcasting scene


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In this episode, I had a lovely chat with Saigoneer's Editor-in-Chief, Mike Tatarski!
Saigoneer is a publication covering the city of Saigon, and Vietnam in general. They cover quite a number of topics ranging from culture, society, food and drinks, to serious issues too! Their podcast is a roundtable of the Saigoneer team talking about the latest happenings in Vietnam. Pretty fascinating!

We talked about:
  • Transitioning into Vietnamese culture
  • The Saigoneer's mission to cover everything in Saigon
  • How the team curates its content
  • An overview of the Vietnamese podcasting scene
Do we have plenty of English-language podcasts? How about Vietnamese-language podcasts? We find out more here. Enjoy!

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