Niki Torres of Chief Best Friends talk VC Bias, Empowering Women in Entrepreneurship and the Asian Podcasting Scene


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In this episode, we're going next door to Singapore to talk to a star in Asia's podcasting scene: Niki Torres!

On a mission to reach out to thriving women and deconstruct their success stories, Niki, the Host of Chief Best Friends, talks to business partners who are actually best friends to see how can they thrive in their startup or their idea while keeping a healthy relationship with each other. And I thought I reached out to her after her launch of season two, to see how she is doing.

We talked about:

  • How Chief Best Friends started: its missions, values and the impact that Niki is aiming for
  • The other podcast ideas she's had and pitching this show in Splice Beta, the event for Asia's digital media transformation.
  • The lack of awareness and biases that we tend to have in the VC world, the business world and the startup world. What are the different issues and barriers that women have to tackle all the time?
  • Handling her podcast with strict criteria for guests
  • Nuances in Asia's podcasting ecosystem and its differences between the Western markets from cultural to language barriers.


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