Launching The Asia Podcast Summit W/ Ling Ling Tai And Raven Lim Of MeaVox Live! #1


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In this episode, I am excited to talk about the upcoming Asia Podcast Summit and the Asia Podcast Awards! This interview is done with the two Founders of MeaVox Live, a Singaporean podcast company, providing consultation and education services about podcasting. Ling Ling is the Chief Podcast Educator and host of the Leaders of Learning podcast, reaching 300,000 downloads as well as top five on Apple Podcasts in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia!Raven Lim is the Podcast Consultant who co-founded the Tomboy Tirade Podcast, Asia's first and only all female comedy chat show. She has launched another show called the Freelance Creative Exchange Podcast, which you can find out more on the MeaVox Live website.Throughout the interview, Ling Ling Tai and Raven Lim talk about:What's been happening in the summit, How did they get to where they are right now? Their thoughts on the Asian podcasting scene!I am so grateful to both Raven and Ling Ling for being able to chat with me about podcasting, the Summit and about what's needed here. In Asia, podcasting is a very difficult space to navigate because each country has their own set of qualities, tendencies, values different podcasting behaviors. But, it is really amazing to see that there's effort in painting a really good picture of the scene here. I'm really happy to be part of the team to help them with it. Links: MeaVox Live Website ( MeaVox Live (Spreaker) ( Podcast Collective Facebook Group ( Ling Ling Tai's Social Media:LinkedIn ( Twitter ( Leaders of Learning (Apple Podcasts) ( Raven Lim's Social MediaLinkedIn ( Tomboy Tirade (Stitcher) ( Freelance Exchange (Spotify) ( Support this podcast

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