Google, Asian Identity And Diversity: Reflection After Asia Podcast Summit #4


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In this episode, I reflect on what happened during the live event of the Asia Podcast Summit, setting it up, and my take on what's coming next!During the event, we had a couple of talks:Google and The Future of Podcasting by Stacie Chan, GoogleContent Creation With Mics by Adwin Lin, Audio TechnicaPodcasting In Asia: Challenges and Trends: a panel discussion moderated by yours truly, with panelists Niki Torres of Chief Best Friends podcast, Danny Koordi of Fabl Productions and Rindo Ramankutty of the Livin' it up in the Lion City! Podcast.We also had the announcement of the Asia Podcast Awards which you can check out at the Asia Podcast Awards website ( !All in all, in this episode I reflect onCreating a podcast virtual summit with fellow team membersDiscussions in the QnA sessions with speakers on what Asian podcasting needsThe key takeaway points on podcasting here (the point on having an Asian identity is my favourite!)I'm so grateful for the experience. Here's to many more just like it, for the podcasting scene in Asia! 🔥LinksAsia Podcast Summit Live Event ( Asia Podcast Summit's Website ( - You can purchase an All-Access Pass and get access to the full video talks here!Asia Podcast Awards' Website ( Google Google Podcasts Creator Program ( Google Podcasts App ( Notable PersonsStacie Chan, Global Product Partnerships Manager, Asia-Pacific at GoogleStacie's Website ( Twitter ( LinkedIn ( Bill Poorman, Co-Host of the Foreign Influence PodcastBill's Website ( Bill's Twitter ( Bill's LinkedIn ( Foreign Influence Podcast Website ( Nikolaj Groeneweg, Co-Host of the Foreign Influence PodcastNikolaj's Twitter ( Nikolaj's LinkedIn ( Foreign Influence Podcast Website ( Niki Torres, Host of the Chief Best Friends PodcastChief Best Friends' Website ( Chief Best Friends on Apple Podcasts ( Chief Best Friends on Spotify ( Niki's LinkedIn ( Niki's Twitter ( Rindo Ramankutty, Host of the 'Livin' it up in Lion City!' PodcastLinkedIn ( Livin' it up in Lion City! Twitter ( Danny Koordi, Independent Producer at Fabl Productions and Founder of Podcast SGEconomical Rice Podcast Website ( LinkedIn ( Podcast SG Facebook Group ( George Putong, APAC Content Marketing Exec at LinkedInGeorge Putong's post on our panel ( Ling Ling Tai, Co-Founder of MeaVox LiveLinkedIn ( Twitter ( Leaders of Learning (Apple Podcasts) ( Raven Lim, Co-Founder of MeaVox LiveLinkedIn ( Tomboy Tirade (Stitcher) ( Support this podcast

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