Danny Koordi of Fabl Productions talks becoming an independent podcast producer in Singapore and taking a leap of faith


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This time, a quick trip to Singapore to chat with podcast producer Danny Koordi!

Danny is a fulltime podcast producer and founder of Fabl Productions, creating narrative shows for clients and companies who want to convey a message in podcast format. I've known Danny since the Asia Podcast Summit last year, and this was a good time to get an update on what he's up to, building up Fabl Productions and more.

We talked about:
  • The leap of faith from auditing at KPMG to fulltime podcasting
  • The mindsets, struggles and worries behind starting your own independent podcast business
  • Why countries in Asia are not 'advertiser-ready' yet, plus growing trends

  • 02:57 - Meeting with Danny's first client and his origin story
  • 5:59 - "He sent a thousand Facebook messages": hearing about Happiness Initiative inspires him
  • 9:08 - Leaving KPMG: What was going through Danny's mind?
  • 15:32 - Building up Fabl Productions, how Danny captures opportunity
  • 17:51 - Danny shares tips on how to dive into podcasting as a business
  • 20:07 - "They're not looking for one way, they're looking for the best way" what aspiring podcasters look for in Asia
  • 21:00 - Podcasting for money in the short term and McDonalds
  • 23:34 - Comparing success to the best podcasters, and Joe Rogan's episode one
  • 24:51 - The intangible benefit of podcasting, according to Danny
  • 29:00 - What is on Danny's podcast playlist? Renegade Radio!
  • 33:50 - What Danny would like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene?
  • 41:26 - BONUS! We chat freeform about my story, random stuff happening podcasting-wise and other shenanigans :)


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