Covering India's Podcasting Scene and the Pursuit of Passion w/ Naga Subramanya of Passion People Podcast


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In this episode, we're traveling to India to have a chat with Naga Subramanya of the Passion People Podcast!
Naga is a podcaster and host of the Passion People podcast, a show dedicated to sharing the stories of relatable people so that listeners can get encouraged to chase their dreams. He also co-founded O2 Pod Collective, an advocacy group of podcasters in Bangalore, India to push forward the medium of podcasting!

In this episode, we talk about:
  • The mission behind the Passion People podcast,
  • Naga's observations and predictions on the Indian podcasting scene
  • The definition of passion as a pursuit of expression


  • 02:55 Naga's origin story and how he got into podcasting
  • 05:30 "We're always safeguarded in India" Unlocking his source of passion
  • 10:26 The helm, the grain and the ripple star: Passion People's Logo
  • 14:53 There are no failed pre-interviews, and our different interview methods
  • 20:09 "I have no dream guest" How Naga keeps the podcast relatable
  • 22:45 About fans who reached out about losing their passion
  • 25:47 How does one find their own definition of passion?
  • 31:44 India's podcasting scene: Naga paints a picture (Indies, Companies, Monetization)
  • 41:12 How India's broadcasting companies are tapping into the podcasting space + challenges
  • 47:17 The rise in smart speakers, and religious audio content
  • 48:48 The rise of India's podcast apps
  • 50:26 Naga's predictions for Indian podcasting and O2Pod Collective's plans
  • 54:19 What would you like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene?
  • 56:19 Naga's podcast playlist



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