Asia's Podcast Industry, Brand Overhaul, And Podlovers Accountability (Reviewing Season 1)


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In this episode, I reflect on the first season of Podlovers Asia, Asia's Podcast Industry, and the upcoming Public Accountability Board! Enjoy. :)Timestamps:1:59 Asian countries to cover for 20204:02 Lessons from running the show (Guests, Audio quality, shownotes)7:12 The great things I learned from running the show (Mission, Value, people's support)9:02 Podlovers updates (New content categories)9:59 Podlovers Accountability Board12:40 Why am I doing this?13:37 Brand Overhaul aka. The Chicken14:34 What's coming up next? Splice Beta 202015:04 The secret codeword15:46 Question for you!Links:Podlovers Accountability Board: ( Splice Beta 2020: ( The new website: ( Tweet me ( ( Who would you like to see interviewed? What should I cover specifically? Topics, guests, issues, etc.? you can reach out to me at: ( Support this podcast

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