F1 2020 “The Haunted Chassis”: with the ‘secret engineer’


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F1 2020 Review 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

F1 reporter Inga Stracke talks to the ‘secret F1 engineer’ about the haunted chassis, a naked one, the ominous tyre “window” and why it would be great to have the good old T-cars back.

I hope you enjoy my podcast with my mate, a top F1 engineer who has worked for most teams in the pitlane and gives us some detailed insights and technical information that I as a journalist wouldn’t have access to. We don’t always necessarily agree and have a different approach to how we look at a Grand Prix weekend or, in this case the ‘haunted chassis’. Which makes this chat funny, exciting and entertaining.

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Thanks 😊Inga

Englisch ist die Formel 1-Sprache, daher gibt’s von mir jetzt auch öfters mal Podcasts mit Experten auf Englisch..

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