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In todays episode I talk to Max Strom, one of the pioneers in the Breathwork-World, who is teaching the method since a time before it was even a big trend.

Before that he used to practice Qui Gong and also started Yoga (after his Girlfriend pushed him into a class) and after a while he found out, for himself and a lot of other people, that the key to inner peace was in the breath itself.

So he dove deeper into the wisdom of how to transform lifes by using the breath. He is sharing his knowledge for 26 years as a speaker in three inspiring Ted talks, as an author with his two books „A life worth breathing“ and „There is no app for happiness“ and last but not least as a teacher in workshops, immersions and retreats worldwide and as well as several online courses and classes.

In our conversation we touched these subjects:

• How to find / recalibrate your purpose

• His own Journey from being a screenplay writer, a musician to becoming a yoga- and breathwork-teacher

• The role of breath for our personal transformatioin

• Why crying is supports processing trauma

• How we created a world / society that we actually can’t live in

• How social problems get „fixed“ with chemicals

• Why abandoning our lifestyle as a tribe isn´t a good thing

• The symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety and how to process them

• Why recreating emotional intimacy helps in our relationships

• Why it´s still difficult for men to show their emotions

• Why suppressing emotions leads to the inability to feel

• What each of us can do in our daily life to stay connected

• How to learn to listen to our intuition

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Max Strom TED TALK
"Breathe to heal"

Max Strom TED TALK
"There is no app for happiness"

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