Episode 10 with journalist & activist Sára Činčurová on Intl. WOMEN'S DAY (ENG)


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Trigger warning: abuse & violence against women*

This episode on Women's Day is focusing specifically on the plights, hardships & horrors that female refugees go through, why and how we need to protect them & also goes to show how strong and resilient these women* are and how they keep on fighting to survive and even thrive in the most difficult of circumstances. I invited my good friend, journalist & activist Sára Činčurová, who focuses a lot on human rights and especially women*'s rights & refugees to tell us about her experiences during her interviews with many women* refugees who have risked their lives to save themselves and often also their children's lives.
We salute all of them for their strength and their love & we want to appreciate all the womxn supporting other womxn & all the survivors of gender-based violence out there.
All women* deserve a life in safety and dignity.
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Sára's article series about pregnant refugees crossing the Med:
[Intro&Outo: Thanks to Jan Wohlfahrt]

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