#86 Temple Haze - Soneiro Collective - How music and sound can change your inner and outer world


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How music and sound can transform your inner and outer world

In this episode I am talking to Temple Haze. He is an inspiring musician, yoga and meditation teacher, enriching people's life with his deep passion.
Together with the beautiful cultural scientist and yoga & meditation teacher Alisa Reimer, they found Soneiro Collective, a collective creating conscious gatherings in Berlin.

In this interview you find out:
- how getting into yoga, sound therapy and meditation changed Temple's inner and outer world
- how he sees music as medicine
- how they intentionally create sound experiences so people can move through life with more ease and connection
- the illuminating effects of the flute on people
- the fascination of connecting music and sound with science

Did you ever experience music and sound as medicine?

Enjoy the conversation!


Events coming up: Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey 12 December 2020
Winter Sound Meditation Training December 2020 + January 2021 Guided Chakra Sound Journey January 2021

Soneiro Collective: www.soneirocollective.com
Temple Haze: http://templehaze.com/

Song to be trapped on an island with ;) : Benny Sings - Rolled Up feat. Mac DeMarco - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcd_qIYg10s&ab_channel=StonesThrow; Spotify


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