Salon Holofernes (Engl. Ep. 2) - with Teitur (songwriter), overall episode 7


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Judith Holofernes talks to artists about the work of art

In this second English language episode of my podcast, I talk to Faroese songwriter Teitur, who is not only one of my favourite living songwriters, but also one of my favourite people to talk to about art and creativity. He´s incredibly insightful and astute when it comes to what makes a great song and how to get there, and has been very inspiring to me in my own work. He´s also, full disclosure, one of my closest artist friends and we have written quite a few songs together, both in Berlin and when I visited him in the Faroes, eight of which ended up on my album "Ich bin das Chaos". He also spent three months in Berlin when we were recording said album and midwifed in into being. Here we talk about Corona measures in a remote place like the Faroes, songwriting, humour in music, motive and objective, and also his experiences with "professional" songwriting sessions in places like L.A and Nashville, which he did a lot when he was starting out. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, this was my first "remote" podcast recorded via Zoom, which opens up a whle new set of possibilities.

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