052 - Moving from Sales to PreSales to find happiness


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🎧🎙️ Moving from Sales to PreSales to find happiness

💡 Imagine you could talk to a VP, who's been in tech sales for 20+ years
💡 And now imagine, this person has seen plenty of Sales AND PreSales

Whether you are in Sales or PreSales: Would that not be a conversation you’d like to have? To listen? To learn?

Well, we might just have the right thing for you. 😉

Robert is a veteran in the tech space of the bay area. He worked in sales. And he was successful. But there was always that little piece of doubt. Is this the place he really belongs to? After careful consideration Robert decided to put thoughts into action. He became an individual contributor in PreSales.

And clearly it was a fantastic decision. He moved up the ranks quickly and is now the VP of Solution Consulting at Xactly, responsible for the global PreSales team.

In our conversation with Robert, we cover the following:

✅ Why it might be a good idea to consider a move from Sales to PreSales
✅ How to leverage existing Sales skills in PreSales
✅ How knowing less about technology, can make you a stronger PreSeller
✅ How to build bridges, instead of silos between Sales and PreSales

😊 Thank you Robert for joining us and sharing your experiences with us.

👍 We wish you a lot of fun & inspiration while listening to our podcast.

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