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At the Sales Excellence Podcast, you often hear us say:
❌👎 - NO to features and functions
✅👍 - YES to real business impact
But it’s so easy to say. And potentially difficult to achieve. Today's working world sales processes are becoming increasingly complex. Communicating the benefits to prospects is key to our common success.
It’s a shift from: ❌ How much can you sell this potential customer?
To: ✅ How much value can you provide to this customer?
👉 Salespeople who sell "value-based" put themselves in the customer's shoes.
👉 They tailor the product as closely as possible to the customer's individual needs.
👉 They highlight various performance advantages to the customer.
👉 They align the price of the service with its benefits.
Do you want to become one of those sales people?
You want to learn how to adapt value selling?
You practice it already, but you want to become better at it?

👍 Whether in Sales or Presales - this episode is for YOU!
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