Planet B: Harsha Walia on Border Violence and Eco-Fascism


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The fight against climate breakdown requires us to imagine a world without borders, says activist and writer Harsha Walia in this extended interview from Planet B: Everything Must Change. The Canadian author, whose books include Undoing Border Imperialism and Border and Rule, tells Dalia Gebrial why borders are themselves products of capitalism, in stark opposition to Indigenous concepts of land, place and belonging. Drawing on her knowledge as a co-founder of migrant justice movement No One Is Illegal, Walia also explains how the climate change policies pursued by the global north are fuelling eco-fascism. Produced by Freddie Stuart. Music and sound by Ben Heyderman. Illustrations by Tomekah George. Design by Pietro Garrone. Produced by Novara Media in partnership with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung London.

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