ManyPod #9: Multidirectional Memory against Racism and Antisemitism


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Guest in this episode is Holocaust memory researcher Michael Rothberg. Together with Sina Arnold as co-host, we talk to him about the potential of multidirectional memory for practices of solidarity. How can living testimonies from several decades not only of exclusion and persecution, but also of collective struggles for recognition and ways of resistance be rescued from oblivion and new common places of speaking be created? And what does Holocaust memory mean in a postmigrant society? Michael Rothberg is professor of English and comparative literature and holds the Samuel Goetz Chair in Holocaust Studies at the University of California Los Angeles. His book "Multidirectional Memory. Holocaust Memory in the Age of Decolonization" has just been published in German. Sina Arnold is a research associate at the Center for Research on Anti-Semitism (ZfA) in Berlin and at the Research Institute for Social Cohesion (Forschungsinstitut Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt). She works, among other things, on current anti-Semitism in Germany and the USA and on the politics of memory in post-migrant societies.

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