Joy Rothschild, Chief Human Resources Officer of Omni Hotels& Resorts talks about work-life balance, her career-path, why the hospitality industry will never be the same and what we can do to move forward, skills needed for the industry,Omni Hotels& more!


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Can you say woman power? On Episode 38 of Real World Talks, we welcomed Joy Rothschild, Chief Human Resources Officer of Omni Hotels & Resorts. On this episode, Joy led us on her career path and explained how her dislike for one sector of the industry led her to what she loves: human resources within hospitality. She shared the skills and characteristics it takes to be successful in the industry and how she deals with challenges as a leader. Joy was also very transparent on why the industry will never be the same and how we can successfully move forward. As a female leader, she understands the struggle to having a work-life balance. Listen in to hear her secret to enjoying life to the fullest and learn more about the opportunities Omni Hotels & Resorts has in store for you!

Starring: Lourdes Torres, Katherine Martin & Nathalie St Remy

Produced by: Nathalie St Remy

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