#53 - John-Paul Drake - Riding the Retail Rodeo


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Today we are joined by JP, John-Paul Drake Director of Drakes Supermarkets.

We go on a fabulous journey going back to JP’s entrepreneurial childhood, hear about riding the retail rodeo of the past few months, and how a bit of right place right time luck is awesome. We try to make sense of all the crazy hoarding and hear about JP’s global social media attention for his one finger salute
at the man wanting a refund on 150 packs of toilet paper.

This is a great chat about the importance of agility in business, standing up for your staff, particularly against the rare arse of a customer, how the waves seem be bringing consumer sentiment back to ‘buy local’ and how JP and the Drakes team are leveraging this now and into the future. We talk about marketing and authenticity against the supermarket juggernauts and a whole lot more.

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