#35 - Alan Noble - Curious about Japan, Tech and our Oceans


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Today we are joined by Alan Noble, Founder of AusOcean.

Alan is a proud entrepreneur and technology engineer heading to Japan out of Uni then California, before heading home to Australia many years later with his family to work with a start-up, creating his own and then eventually giving in to the wooing of Google to take up the role of overseeing the growth of Google's Sydney Engineering Centre from 20 engineers to over 650 in his 11 years.

In early 2017 Alan founded AusOcean a not-for-profit organisation with the mission of developing and applying technology to learn more about our oceans. You can learn more at www.ausocean.org.

A most fascinating discussion about tech to Japanese culture, to Alan’s long-time love of scuba diving, and why it is oh so important for the community to understand what wonderment exists beneath the surface of our oceans.

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