#12 - Dr Elvira Fischer (Copenhagen) - Neuroscientist - Neuroscience & Human Behaviour


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Our unconscious decision making, and what stimulates our brain in a positive or negative way, can conflict with what we think we think.

Ex-Olympian, neuroscientist and researcher, based in Copenhagen, Dr Elvira Fischer today shares how the 'hype' around using neuroscience in research to measure advertising and other decision making has now settled, as the cowboys leave and the experts offering value remain.

Elvira works at iMotions as a neuroscientist and product specialist to support clients including Harvard, Stanford, Unilever and BMW in their endeavour to utilise insights into human behaviour and emotional responses. iMotion initially founded on eye tracking for retail and other clients, and have since advanced this technology and broadened into facial expression analysis, video analysis and measuring arousal.

We discuss a wide range of topics around monitoring the brain. From measuring arousal (from product, advertising and other stimuli) to tracking of motivation, cognitive workload and engagement.

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