#6: Inna Braverman of Eco Wave Power


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Making the world a more sustainable place by generating renewable energy - this is what drives Inna Braverman, CEO and Founder of Eco Wave Power, every single day. Tune into our inspiring episode number six!

"Passion is the greatest renewable energy." This simple but yet inspiring motto is what drives Inna Braverman every day. The young Israeli is the CEO and Founder of Eco Wave Power - and an avid champion in setting an example for female entrepreneurs all over the world. Being one of the few woman leaders of the global tech and business world, her company uses the limitless power of waves to generate renewable energy.

The Ukrainian born's life story is as fascinating as the technology she co-invented: Tune into an inspiring conversation about an early near-death experience, Israel as the global hotspot of innovation and the constant strive to make the world a better place.

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