#25: Camille Canon of Purpose Economy | What does it mean to be a purpose-driven business?


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The executive director of the Purpose Foundation tells us all about steward-ownership and why it is so important for today's world. Tune in and enjoy!

When talking about purpose in today's world, there is no way around to also talk about the concept of steward-ownership. Steward … what? If you never heard about this model – don't worry. Camille Canon is here to help you out.

The executive director of the Purpose Foundation dissects the corporate governance model that serves as the gold standard for imbedding purpose into a company's DNA, in order to preserve its mission over the long term. With steward ownership, economic and voting rights are decoupled, leaving control over the firm in the hands of stewards of its mission. The consequence: Investors are no longer owners — companies own themselves and are controlled by stewards of its mission — investors simply have economic rights.

Join us in our quite technical but yet fascinating conversation with Camille. The San Francisco-based multitalent in all things purpose tells us all about her extraordinary career path, why an Oakland bakery is the shining example of a purpose-driven business and why we all should question the dominant paradigm assumptions about how ownership works.

Tune in and have fun!

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