#23: Milda Mitkutė of Vinted | How can we make second-hand fashion first choice?


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The co-founder of Lithuania's very first tech unicorn tells us all about second-hand fashion and it's impact on our world. Tune in and enjoy!

In 2008, a 21-year old Milda Mitkutė had way too much unworn clothes in her closet. 13 years later, the young entrepreneur is one of two co-founders of the first Lithuanian tech unicorn. With a rating of over one billion (!) euros, Vinted today is Europe's biggest second-hand clothing C2C marketplace.

What started with a simple idea and just as a hobby, is today employing over 600 people in Berlin, Prague, Vilnius and Utrecht. From there the purpose-driven company works for a total of 13 markets and has a staggering community of about 38 million active users. But how did all of this actually happen so quickly?

Although no longer working for Vinted, Milda tells us not only all about her and co-founder Justas' entrepreneurial journey: But also why her grandmother still doesn't understand what she actually does, how second-hand can soon become first choice and how two couchsurfing girls were responsible for Vinted's initial expansion to Germany.

Tune in and enjoy our conversation!

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