199. Email Marketing Tagging Strategies with Barry Moore


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Email Marketing Tagging Strategies with Barry Moore Email marketing using tagging strategies is an art and a science. In this episode, Barry Moore explains how to use tagging to get notified of exactly when your ideal customer is in her buying window. This means you can make target offers at the right time and improve your conversions. Links Mentioned: * www.theactivemarketer.com * Tagging Guide * www.GetMeToDone.com * www.Productiveinsights.com * www.YouTube.com/ProductiveInsights * https://productiveinsights.com/the-eisenhower-matrix/ Related Episodes: * 177. Active Campaign Email Automation Strategies with Barry Moore from The Active Marketer * 170. Ryan Deiss From Digital Marketer Reveals The 5-Step Conversion Funnel That Turbo-Charges Your Business Growth Ash Roy and Barry Moore Video Transcript (This transcript has been auto-generated. Artificial Intelligence is still in the process of perfecting itself. There may be some errors in transcription): Ash Roy (00:00): You can have 270 events, but because it's got the prefix event, you know the category of the tag. That's point one. Point two, by having the prefix, it forces you to think about what you're doing with this person. Are you tagging them for an event or you're tagging them for a topic they're interested in? Are you taking them for a purchase decision they made? What is it? Barry Moore (00:23): Yeah, exactly right. Ash Roy (00:28): Welcome back to the productive insights podcast. This is Ash Roy, the founder of productiveinsights.com and the host of the productive insights podcast. I'm very excited to have Barry Moore back on the podcast and the last episode, which was the first part of this two-part conversation. We talked about how to create an offer and get cash in your bank within seven days, especially for people who find themselves in a very difficult situation in this corona apocalypse environment as you described it. Today, we are going to talk about how to use a tagging strategy to create a system that allows you to make targeted offers and propositions to people depending on how they interact with your emails. So Barry is going to share with us this phenomenal tagging strategy he's got. It's simple, but it's profound. So Barry, welcome to the show and let's have it, man. Barry Moore (01:20): All right, thanks, Ash. So we were talking a little bit about the last one about, and there's a famous quote from Bill Gates. I can't remember it exactly, but it just basically says, you know,

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