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Welcome to the Phoenix Mindset Podcast, the podcast for success and happiness. This podcast is for all those who want to live a happier, more fulfilled and successful life. For those who desire more ease and are ready to spread their wings and fully develop their potential. In this podcast you can expect numerous inspiring guests: Rimunikawi Tjipurua talks about his everyday life in a Himba village, Greta Silver shares with us her incredible joy of life and my good friend George from Namibia talks about his life path, in which he worked his way up from simple material circumstances to the manager of a lodge and an international tour guide. Another friend of mine talks about his time in a maximum security prison in Zimbabwe, where he was locked up for a crime that had never happened. I'm very excited to use this platform to discuss topics that are important to me and to introduce you to these very special guests who share their inspiring life stories with us.

I am Sonja Piontek, an entrepreneur and global key note speaker. I have lived in six different countries, enjoyed my life on the sunny side and in the fast lane for a long time and enjoyed a great international corporate career. At the same time, however, I also experienced deep sorrow in my personal crisis year of 2020 and learned a lot about how to actively create a happy and successful life. I learned how to awaken the Phoenix in myself and fly high. Become now part of the Phoenix Mindset Community and find your own way to more success & happiness.

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